Individual Music Therapy

Individual music therapy sessions are available in our center or in clients’ facilities or homes for both children and adults. Treatment begins with a free intake evaluation to determine the client's strengths and needs and assess the potential for the use of music therapy.

Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy sessions are available in our center or in clients' facilities.  Many clients benefit from the peer interaction and support that a group provides.

Music Therapy in Your Facility

We provide contractual music therapy and enrichment services for institutions in northwest Chicago and the surrounding area.  We will gladly create a customized, goal-driven program for your school, hospital, or long-term care facility.

We proudly partner with the following organizations:​

  • Aptakisic-Tripp School District 102

  • Township High School District 214

  • Presence Nazarethville Skilled Nursing Care

  • We Rock the Spectrum Chicago/ Palatine

  • Speech and Language Pathways LLC


  • Trinity Services

  • Mount Prospect Public Library

  • Arlington Heights Memorial Library

Developmental Music Classes

Our adult-child music classes focus on creating a positive bond between caregiver and child and supporting children in their physical, social, communication, and cognitive development.  Each class is led by a Board-Certified Music Therapist, who is able to structure classes in the moment to support students' immediate needs and provide an environment in which children can participate to their fullest potential.  Classes are filled with live music, movement, and fun interaction in our large space.  Children of all abilities are always welcome!

Traditional Music Lessons

Music therapists are highly trained musicians on a variety of instruments making them excellent teachers! Prospect Music Therapy is currently offering lessons for beginning to advanced voice, basic piano, and basic guitar. 

Adaptive Music Lessons

Music therapists are experts at adapting instruments and music for special learners.  Prospect Music Therapy LLC provides adaptive lessons with many different instruments.

The Difference Between Music Therapy and Music Lessons

We at Prospect Music Therapy, LLC feel that it is important to state the difference between music therapy and music lessons.  Music therapy focuses on achieving non-musical goals through the use of music.  This can be social skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, along with a vast variety of other skills.  Music lessons focus on improving one's musical skills. While it is true that improving skills both musical and non-musical can occur in both settings, music therapy sessions are specifically designed to focus on the non-musical goals based on the client/group of  clients involved in the session.  The board certified music therapist takes the time to assess, document, and create a treatment plan for their client(s) and continuously reassesses the progress towards the non-musical goals.  These goals are updated as the client progresses through their treatment.  Music lessons do not require this protocol as the sole focus is to improve musical skills.

Wellness Events

Join us for our special events or let us bring them to your facility!  Watch our website, join our mailing list, or follow us on social media so you don't miss our community drumming events, lullaby classes, and yoga & music experiences.

Educational Presentations

Music therapy is a hot topic!  We happily provide educational presentations for parent groups, community organizations, professional inservices and conferences, and more.  Please contact us for details.